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Intelligent Building Management System

The CHRONOMATIK™ system integrates the technical devices within a facility, or a complex of facilities, into one central network and utilizes easy-to-use software to monitor, control and automate their operation.

Dyrektor ds. technicznych KMB GRUPA stoi przed monitorami, na których wyświetlany jest interfejs systemu CHRONOMATIK na stacji kolejowej Łódż Fabryczna. The Technical Director of KMB GRUPA standing in front of monitors which display the CHRONOMATIK system interface at Łódż Fabryczna Railway Station. Der Technische Direktor der KMB GRUPA steht vor Monitoren, die die Schnittstelle des CHRONOMATIK-Systems im Bahnhof Łódż Fabryczna anzeigen.
Pracownicy zespołu serwisowego KMB wykonują prace. The KMB service team members performing work. Die Mitarbeiter des KMB-Serviceteams bei der Arbeit.


Connect the devices within in a facility to a single network or connect multiple facilities for more centralized control.
Mężczyzna siedzący przed monitorem, na którym wyświetlany jest interfejs CHRONOMATIK. A man seated in front of a monitor which display the CHRONOMATIK interface. Ein Mann, der vor einem Monitor sitzt, auf dem die CHRONOMATIK-Oberfläche angezeigt wird.


Easily monitor the function and status of devices with the help of the integrated visualization software.
Zautomatyzowane urządzenia na dachu budynku. Automated devices on the roof of a building. Automatisierte Geräte auf dem Dach eines Gebäudes.


Automate device operations and plan for lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.
KMB CHRONOMATIK zrzut ekranu, screen shot, bildschirmfoto KMB CHRONOMATIK zrzut ekranu, screen shot, bildschirmfoto KMB CHRONOMATIK logo


The easy-to-use interface and clear visualizations make it simple to manage thousands of devices. Each CHRONOMATIK™ system created by KMB is individually tailored to the needs of the customer. The way device data is organized and displayed and how devices are managed is based on the customer’s goals, our knowledge and our experience.

Utility Meters
Climate Control
View the status of all facility devices in real-time.
Easily control and manage devices remotely.
Automate device operations and optimize their performance.
Receive important alerts about facility status the condition of devices.
View device history and use analytics to optimize their management.


Maintenance and Personnel

Avoid excessive wear and critical equipment failures. Detailed alerts pinpoint the exact location of the problem and provide the information needed to expedite repair or replacement. Less staff and fewer inspections are necessary to manage a facility. And due to the intuitive interface, only a brief training is required to use the software.

Infografika przedstawiająca 40% oszczędności energii oraz trzy międzynarodowe logotypy certyfikatów budowlanych (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB). An infographic showing 40% energy savings and three intrenational buliding certificate logos (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB). Eine Infografik, die 40 % Energieeinsparung und drei internationale Logos für Gebäudezertifikate zeigt (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB).

Flow and Safety

Many different devices are critical to the smooth running of daily operations. It’s essential to make sure that all equipment within a facility is functioning properly and immediately respond to any irregularities. Our system reduces downtime, keeps devices operating efficiently and ensures a high level of safety.

Energy Usage and Building Value

CHRONOMATIK™ can reduce a building’s energy consumption by up to 40%. This reduces costs and increases the value of the building. Increased energy efficiency is not only environmentally friendly, it also helps to meet the requirements for internationally recognized building certifications (e.g. LEED, BREEAM, DGNB).


We have many years of experience with the design and implementation of our systems in public buildings, hospitals, factories and shopping malls. Each new facility is another challenge for our engineers.

Łódż Fabryczna Stacja Kolejowa, Railway Station, Bahnhof
Łódż Fabryczna Railway Station

Łódź Fabryczna is one of the most modern railroad stations in Poland. The CHRONOMATIK system is utilized to manage thousands of technical devices throughout the facility.

For a project of this scale, only the most reliable partners are suitable and KMB GRUPA delivered world-class results.

Łódż Fabryczna logo

B/S/H/ Production Plant

BSH Wrocław counts on the CHRONOMATIK system to help them manage daily operations at their high volume production facility.

We chose KMB GRUPA as our partner because of their consistent performance, quality of service, and extensive industry knowledge.

BSH logo

WroclaviaShopping Mall

With over 200 shops and a cinema, Wroclavia has thousands of devices managed by the CHRONOMATIK system. KMB GRUPA also designed and implemented wireless sensor technology throughout the building.

We have come to rely on the CHRONOMATIK system for many important tasks including tracking and reports for utility usage.

Wroclavia logo

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Duży obiekt widziany z góry. A large facility as viewed from above. Eine große Anlage, von oben gesehen. Dwie osoby stojące przed szafą ze sterownikami PLC podczas gdy oni rozmawiają o systemach zarządzania budynkiem. Two people standing infront of a PLC controller closet discussing building management systems. Zwei Personen stehen vor einem SPS-Steuerungsschrank und diskutieren über Gebäudemanagementsysteme.


Building management systems are an essential part of managing energy and resource demands. We work closely with our customers to develop new systems and update or modify current systems to optimize their performance. We configure efficient BMS systems that our customers trust.


Industrial Automation and Mechanical Engineering

We develop device and machine automation systems as well as complete machines. Our engineers use the latest in computer science and mechatronics to design and develop systems that are guided by customer goals and our own professional experience.

Grupa zautomatyzowanych urządzeń technicznych wewnątrz obiektu. A group of automated technical devices within a facility. Eine Gruppe von automatisierten technischen Geräten innerhalb einer Anlage.


Useful functions and processes can be automated, which saves time and resources.


We are able to update or modify existing automation systems to meet modern standards.

Machine Engineering

Our engineers design and develop machines from concept to realization.


Automate physical processes with a machine designed to do the job. Our engineers can study inefficiencies in industrial processes and develop machines to meet the challenges.

KMB CHRONOMATIK zrzut ekranu, screen shot, bildschirmfoto KMB CHRONOMATIK zrzut ekranu, screen shot, bildschirmfoto


Our automation systems are able to adapt and grow with your business. They can be implemented with other equipment or facilities incrementally based on business needs. We upgrade or modify older devices to modern standards and seamlessly integrate them with newer devices.


Each facility has a unique arrangement of devices. Our engineers are able to adapt and take on the challenges of custom projects. We can automate any device or machine that generates a control signal.


Industrial Facility Maintenance

Focus on your core business while our service team makes sure your facility equipment is in order. We streamline business operations by installing, updating and servicing gateway infrastructure and HVAC systems.

Grupa zautomatyzowanych urządzeń technicznych wewnątrz obiektu. A group of automated technical devices within a facility. Eine Gruppe von automatisierten technischen Geräten innerhalb einer Anlage.

Full Service

We sell, install and service facility equipment for gates, doors, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.


We service transshipment infrastructure including gates, doors, ramps, gate lifts and gate automation.


We help keep facilities safe and comfortable by maintaining ventilation systems.
KMB CHRONOMATIK zrzut ekranu, screen shot, bildschirmfoto KMB CHRONOMATIK zrzut ekranu, screen shot, bildschirmfoto


Gateway and ventilation maintenance are essential to prevent malfunctions that could cause major disruptions to daily operations. Our service team performs scheduled inspections and maintenance, always responding quickly to any repair or replacement needs. Regular maintenance keeps downtime to a minimum and ensures that a facility is safe and complies with regulations.


We provide logistics systems service and maintenance for gates, doors, ramps and surrounding infrastructure to keep your operations running smoothly. We offer modernization services including gate automation, upgrading door and gate controllers and drivers, and implementation of sensor technology.


We help facilities breath. We provide complete HVAC services for heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment. Our reliable service team makes sure all HVAC devices are in order so facilities stay comfortable and safe.

About Us

KMB GRUPA consists of three main departments. Each department can integrate seamlessly to provide a broad portfolio of business solutions.


Intelligent Building Management System


Industrial Automation and Machine Engineering


Logistics: gates, door, ramps HVAC: heating, ventilation, cooling


What began in the KMB GRUPA president’s garage in 1996 as a building management system for Castorama quickly grew into a thriving business helping many clients. Our staff has become a talented team of industry experts, engineers, programmers and service personnel. Our commitment to excellence ensures our legacy of success.


We implement systems and services in facilities across many industries. We have the experience necessary to meet the needs of our customers. We have earned the trust of our customers by taking a professional approach to projects and providing comprehensive solutions.

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The new meaning of efficiency.

Since our founding we have been guided by the same principles: carefully tailoring our services to our clients’ needs and delivering the highest quality results.

We take pride in our work and have a proven history of successful cooperation with our customers. We provide products and services that make facility equipment and machinery safer, more efficient and easier to manage.

We help building investors, owners, staff and occupants get the most value out of their building environment. The needs of cities and buildings are changing rapidly and that’s why KMB provides leading technologies and services to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Research Dept.


Our engineers are trained specialists with vast knowledge and experience. For many years we have been cooperating with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology to develop new technologies and devices.

EU Voucher

KMB GRUPA received a voucher for innovation in the amount of over 400,000 PLN for work on wireless sensors and development of the intelligent building management system CHRONOMATIK™, system class BMS.

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Service Team

Our service team is ready to respond quickly to any problems. We provide support for all our systems long after they have been implemented. We guarantee a high quality of service and expedient assistance in case of any malfunction.


Łódż Fabryczna Railway Station
Łódż Fabryczna Stacja Kolejowa, Railway Station, Bahnhof
For a project of this scale, only the most reliable partners are suitable and KMB GRUPA delivered world-class results.
Torpol logo
Wrocław Factory
We chose KMB GRUPA as our partner because of their consistent performance, quality of service, and extensive industry knowledge.
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Wrocław Bielany Factory
Thanks to KMB our facility is safer and they continue to help keep operations running smoothly.
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